June 6, 2017

Good Tuesday morning. The 2001 Mars Odyssey satellite is on day 5,704 on its mission orbiting the red planet. Launched on April 7, 2001, the craft entered orbit around Mars on October 24 that year. Created to study Martian geology and radiation, the orbiter now mainly acts as a communications relay for various rovers on the planet. Of its many achievements, its most notable is mapping the distribution of water on Mars. Today, it is studying the changes of temperatures in the day-night cycle of the planet.

The Global Space Exploration Conference begins today in Beijing. Despite prohibitions of cooperation with China in Space, representatives from NASA will be present.  The conference brings together leaders and decision-makers from space agencies around the globe to discuss space exploration investments and the benefits derived therefrom. Today’s discussions will mostly center around China’s activities and achievements in space. Find out more


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